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Thank you Martha Graham

Complex trauma has shaped who I learned and adapted to be, and informs and inspires who I am everyday.

- Christina de Cossio

Healing complex trauma has been my personal and professional life's path. 

I started this path because I was in debilitating physical and emotional pain.

On my healing journey I vigorously sought relief and transformation for both physical and emotional symptoms of pain, fatigue, and exhaustion. The different upsetting symptoms seemed to be related somehow, but I didn't know how. NO ONE knew.  This meant I didn't have a coordinated treatment plan or comprehensive understanding of what was at the core of the symptoms and how to change them .

​For more than half my life the research of neuroscience, shock trauma, and developmental, relational, attachment trauma didn't exist. What I didn't know then and I have come to learn now is that I was suffering from multiple symptoms associated with Complex Post Traumatic Stress.


Working on healing felt like hacking my way through a dense jungle with a butter knife. Difficult and slow.  I am so fortunate and grateful to have had an incredible team of mental, physical and spiritual healers from different traditions who fiercely believed in me, and held and guided me with their knowledge, skills, and love. They accompanied me down my rabbit holes, held my trembling feet, and sang to my soul until I came home. And now I am home. 


My healing path has been long and winding, and I'm fortunate to share totally worth it. Along the road, I learned how to use larger tools and skillful means to free and heal myself, and the guidance of others has remained key in that. Now I want to share my confidence and belief in change with others, and serve as a guide in their personal and collective quests for love, freedom, and choice. 

My personal and professional development has brought me to where I am today. I have studied, researched, and invested myself in body-oriented (somatic) and trauma-informed approaches to healing since 2000. I have earned degrees, licenses, and certifications along with a deep sense of an embodied trust in the healing process. It's real and possible to heal from complex trauma.

Christina deCossio Photo Outside.jpg

I have made it my full-time clinical practice to share my knowledge and passion for trauma-informed care with you: I'm specifically trained in body-oriented and psychodynamic developmental and complex trauma (see NARM), and nervous system-informed (see Neuro-Affective) bodywork and movement therapy. I welcome you to reach out to me for help on your healing journey. I would be honored to join you. 

Christina de Cossio an MA, AMFT, and complex trauma specialist, teaches people how to work with the nervous system and emotions to transform trauma, heal body and mind, and live full, creative lives. She has been practicing somatic therapy for over 20 years and leading groups in sound and movement healing arts for the last decade. She has a Masters degree in Integral Counseling Psychology, a Bachelors in Nutrition Science, is a Registered Associate Marriage Family Therapist currently working for Body Mind Therapy in Marin, and a Certified Neuro-Affective Relational Model (NARM) therapist.


Her community health activism began in 2002 in Oakland with Project Embody, a non-profit program dedicated to education and advocacy for empowering positive body-identity. She co-founded The Common Well, and inaugurated the integrative CW Low Cost Community Clinic in West Marin. Christina has worked for Marin Head Start Preschool Program, advising social and emotional development to support children, families, and teachers.


At the core of her practice is the belief that all people deserve to feel safe and connected, and the knowledge that we can develop capacities to heal ourselves by coming together and working with each unique individual.

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